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Friday, January 18 - 18:00h.


☯ Conference on Health and Longevity ☯


Methods and habits for the strengthening of health and longevity from the vision of the Taoist culture



Aguere Espacio Cultural

c / Herradores 47

La Laguna





Saturday January 19 - 17: 00h.


☯ Wudang Qigong workshop ☯


'Workshop on bioenergetic exercises

for the strengthening of the organism'



Sports Service University La Laguna

Avenida Angel guimerá jorge

La Laguna



Sunday January 20 - 11: 00h.


☯ Wudang Neidan workshop ☯


'Workshop on Taoist internal meditation and alchemy'




Laoshan school

c / Cabrera Pinto 51 Local

La Laguna


· All activities will be taught by Master Yuan Xiugang in english language

· No previous experience is necessary

· The activities will last about 2 and a half hours each

· It is important to go to the workshops with comfortable or wide clothing and light footwear.

· For the meditation workshop it will be necessary to bring a cushion and a light blanket

· A certificate of attendance signed by master Yuan Xiugang will be delivered at the workshops





To make the reservation of your entrance to the workshops you have two options:


· Pick up your ticket at Laoshan School

(hours of operation from Monday to Friday from 8pm to 10pm)


· Make an account deposit indicating as income concept: Name + Surname + Wudang.

Send proof of income to the email:  info@wudangzixiao.com   or whatsapp to  +34 652 397 767

and indicate the workshop you want to register.


(You will receive the entry by mail automatically as soon as we confirm the deposit in the account)


Ticket prices:  € 40  (price for each workshop)


Account number:   ES31 2100 1841 0602 0021 4906

Account holder:   Alex Mieza

Bank:   La Caixa



Accommodation near the workshop venue

Taoísmo y Artes Internas de Wudang en Canarias

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